Listing Management

  • Schedule and coordinate photos for the property.

  • Input the listing on MLS, including uploading and organizing pictures and creating a

    property description.

  • Create disclosures and ensure the Sellers complete them.

  • Upload Disclosures to the MLS.

  • Create the brokerage compliance file and submit all required documentation.

  • Coordinate the sign and lockbox installation.

  • Set up showing services and ensure that the Seller is set up to obtain showing requests and


  • Coordinate to obtain HOA if applicable, from Seller or HOA as needed.

  • Notify the Seller once the Listing is active.

road map

Open File

  • Congratulations email to Client.

  • Intro email with contract to all parties.

  • Order Title.

  • Ensure the contract is fully executed.

  • Create Contract Timeline.

  • Track ALL deadlines.

  • Create group chat with Agent and Client.

  • Create Google Drive file with access for Agent and Client.


  • Coordinate and schedule Inspections.

  • Send e-calendar with Inspection details to all parties.

  • Draft Addenda as necessary.


  • Obtain the HOA documents

    from Seller, HOA or Co-Op Agent.

  • Obtain a copy of the HOA status letter.


  • Weekly follow up with Lender.

  • Obtain loan approval prior to deadline.

  • Confirm CD has been sent before closing.


  • Ensure Appraisal has been ordered and scheduled.

  • Follow up on Appraisal status and results.


  • Ensure Client Home Insurance is binding and confirm with Lender.


  • Escrow/Earnest Money Receipt.

  • Constant follow up with all parties.

  • Draft documents.

  • Follow up on missing signatures.

  • Weekly, personalized video update to Client.

  • For POA, 1031 Exchange or mail out closing, assist Client and parties involved to ensure proper communication.

  • Send Client FAQS.

  • Send Settlement Statement to the Client at the beginning of the New Year.

  • Remind Agent about closing and closing gift.


  • Create and maintain each file on the Agent's brokerage software/system.

  • Create CDA to submit to Agent's Brokerage Compliance (Agent must approve draft).

  • Follow up with Brokerage Compliance and send final CDA to Title Company.


  • Obtain Settlement Statements for Agent and Client review.

  • Schedule closing with all parties.

  • Send email/e-calendar reminder with closing details to all parties Schedule Final Walk Through with all parties.

  • Send e-calendar with Final Walk Through details..

  • Assist client with utility set up.

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